Motonari Uesugi
药物化学, 教授

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 Motonari Uesugi

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上杉志成博士除了在京都大学任职外,还是Chemistry and Biology, MedChemCommBiochemical Journal.等杂志的编委。他在哈佛大学完成博士后研究后曾在美国贝勒医学院独立开展研究工作,2005年回到母校担任教授至今。他于2006年获得第21届京都高科技论坛金奖、2011年获得日本药会科学促进及德国Gottfried Wagener创新奖。他的研究方向是应用小分子探针来揭示生命现象的基本过程。自2011亚洲化学生物学联盟成立以来,上杉教授一直致力于协调该组织的各项活动。


Apart from his current appointments at Kyoto University, Dr. Motonari Uesugi also serves as an editorial board member of Chemistry and Biology, MedChemComm and Biochemical Journal. After completing postdoctoral training at Harvard University, he started his independent career in Baylor College of Medicine (U.S.A.). He moved to Kyoto University as a full professor in 2005. He is a recipient of Gold Medal Award (Tokyo TechnoForum 21; 2006), the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Promotions (2011) and German Innovation Award Gottfried Wagener Prize (2011). His team aims to gain a fundamental understanding of biological events through the study of small molecules. Dr. Uesugi coordinates the activities of Asian Chemical Biology Initiative since its inception in 2011.















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