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 Peter Shepherd

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Peter Shepherd博士毕业于新西兰梅西大学,曾在美国哈佛大学和英国剑桥大学从事博士后研究工作。之后就职于伦敦大学,并在2003年晋升为教授。在此期间,他参与了生物技术领域的创业活动,并被评“2002年度伦敦年轻生物科技企业家 他于2004年回到奥克兰继续研究信号转导通路这些通路在癌症和糖尿病中的作用他先后与他人共同后创立了生物科技公司SymansisPathway Therapeutics


Dr. Peter Shepherd graduated from Massey University (New Zealand) and did his postdoctoral training at Harvard (U.S.A.) and Cambridge (U.K.). He was appointed as a staff member at University College London thereafter and promoted to full professor in 2003. During that period he became involved in biotechnology development and was named “London Young Biotechnology Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2002. Since moving back to Auckland in 2004, he has continued his studies on signal transduction pathways and their involvement in cancer and diabetes. He founded co-founded biotech companies Symansis and Pathway Therapeutics.

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