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  Focusing on malignancy, cardio-cerebrovascular and infectious diseases and relying on its well-built disciplines, a comprehensive system is now in place that compasses aspects such as drug discovery, efficacy and toxicity evaluation, druggability studies, formulation and delivery technology exploration and rationale drug use in clinic, etc. This is coupled with the support of Fudan’s life sciences, chemistry, material sciences, basic medical science and clinical medicine, among other disciplines, which ensures education of high-quality pharmaceutical talents and execution of cutting-edge pharmaceutical research thereby displaying unparallel strength in terms of cross-discipline and comprehensiveness. Through implementation of national key research programs, the capability of innovation and competition of SPFDU is spearing ahead in full speed, thereby forming its unique superiority in natural product chemistry, cardiovascular pharmacology, tumor pharmacology, pharmaceutics and targeted drug delivery. Since 2012, it has been additionally awarded one “973” project, two “863” projects, four National Natural Science Foundation key projects and four National Mega R&D projects with in-account funds exceeding RMB220 million yuan, i.e., 2.30 million yuan per head count; annual publication of SCI papers stays at an average of more than 160 with an average impact factor of more than 4.0 since 2014, including eleven highly cited ones according to ESI; six professors were named by Elsevier as highly cited scholars of China three years in succession (2014, 2015 and 2016). Furthermore, a number of research achievements of the school received multiple awards such as the national, ministerial and municipal top prizes for science and technology advancement. Important breakthroughs have also been made in recent years with the discovery of novel drug candidates for oncology and cardiovascular indications, a key technology in drug formulation and a drug lead based on active natural products. All of which were out-licensed to indigenous pharmaceutical companies with proceeds approaching to RMB300 million yuan, thus obtaining both economic benefit and social impact.
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